Regain control over your own health!

We all lose sight of our health from time to time. Certainly today. In this day and age where are never truly ‘off’, because of this we lose our resilience against disease. We are not programmed for the contemporary chronic stress to which we are exposed. And the same can be said for your immune system. However, our resilience goes hand in hand with our health, because the more resilient we are able to be, the healthier we are and the better we feel!

FlexHealth helps you find this resilience again, both at the individual and at the company level. We are a group of professionals with a traditional medical background, specialized in clinical Psycho- Neuro- Immunology. Based on our medical expertise we guide you on the path to better health. So that you feel energized and healthy throughout the day, every day!

About Marijke

Marijke is a scientifically trained psycho- neuro- immunologist with over 30 years of experience in integral healthcare.

Marijke Enfelbrecht

Your health

Growing old healthy and fit … who doesn’t want that? Fortunately, this is within reach. For you too! Do you want to achieve your optimal health? FlexHealth is happy to help you with this.

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Corporate health

Sustainability and innovation: current spearheads for our society, the environment, and business. And not to forget for your employees. As healthy employees add to the social sustainability of your company! Invest in their health and everyone will benefit. After all, healthy employees are a healthy company.

More about Corporate health

cPNI modern medicine

Great news for the development of medicine. Proud of cPNI, proud of Dr. Leo Pruimboom, proud that I was able to graduate at cPNI Europe, proud of the results in my clinic. And what a pleasure at work to work causally with someone’s complaints and see them resolved. Thankful for all the energy Leo has

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Intermittent cooking, food as medicine

By combining ingredients in your dishes, you can cook invigorating and healing and thus work on your health in a delicious and creative way. Recipe 1: For this week I chose marinated green asparagus with fish. Let me explain the ingredients first: Fish: an important source of proteins and good fats, which are so important

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What is your intention regarding your health?

Myself, I want to grow old fit, let my “healthspan” coincide with my “lifespan” and I make conscious choices for this. Choices concern food, exercise, sleep, cognitive challenge, stress and relaxation. Choices that are fully scientifically substantiated and are integrated into the Intermittent Living concept. After having applied this myself and in my practice with

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