Online programs

As a result of the recurring question whether I do not want to share my knowledge via Webinars, I started developing a number of programs. I don’t believe in “one solution fits all” within health, because every person is unique with his or her personal wishes or complaints, or condition. As a result, I have

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Whole body health starts in the mouth

What affects one part of the body, affects them all. Treating one part of the system as an isolated entity is a common mistake that does not bring great and effective long term solutions.  The oral health is a mirror and gateway to health in the whole body. Having an unhealthy body is not compatible

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Lifestyle: the power of your choices

Your choices determine your health span and your performance during your life span. We are having the ability to really reverse chronic illnesses and slow down auto-immune processes about 80%. If we understand, how important it is, what we feed our body to not create the triggers and not create these leaky gut situation, you

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Behavior changes for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle requires a change in behavior and that is the challenge. I am aware, that fully implementing the right lifestyle takes time and energy. But I also know that what you get in return is so worthwhile, which is why I am happy to provide support so that you get the most out

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2021 in response to 2020

2021 in response to 2020.  After we all wished each other a happy and healthy New Year, the start of 2021 is a fact.  Let us all work together to ensure that 2021, as an answer to 2020, will be dominated by a healthy lifestyle. Let’s motivate and support each other in making the right

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Intermittent Living

Intermittent fasting isn’t just more time between 2 meals. It’s also about what you eat and how you organize it for yourself. If you want to achieve even more effect, you will hear Intermittent Fasting in the broader concept of Intermittent Living. Finally, it concerns a healthy lifestyle: correct nutrition, correct exercise, correct breathing, correct

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Expansion locations

From September 1th 2020: Teniersstraat 2 hs, 1071 DX Amsterdam. Orthondontie Museumplein. From April 2021: The Hague. Information will follow soon. Existing locations: Gerbrandtslaan 14, 1871 AP Schoorl. Van. der Valk Vitaal, 4th floor, Ruimtevaart 24, 3824 MX Amersfoort.

Get fit, be fit, stay fit

“Intermittent Living: the use of ancient challenges as a vaccine against the deleterious effects of modern life” By regularly using the Intermittent living protocol, you mimic our original lifestyle in order to protect yourself against aging and diseases. Major cause of death in developed countries is due to chronic illness, due to modern risk factors

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Introduction Intermittent Living

INTRODUCTION INTERMITTENT LIVING®. Concept build by Dr. Leo Pruimboom based on cPNI. Ask me the actual dates Program will start at 08.00 a.m. till 1 p.m. Presentation Breathing exercises Physical exercises Mindfulness Tips how to integrate it in your daily life Questions Brunch Opportunity for your personal questions Goodie bag Address: Schoorl Register via