Intermittent Living®© Concept

Developed by Dr. Leo Pruimboom, PNI Europe

“The use of ancestral challenges as a vaccin against the damaging effects of modern life”.

With the help of the Intermittent Living®© you will experience and understand how you can use ancient stimuli to get fit or keep feeling fit in these modern times. The concept is based on the knowledge from the scientific field of PsychoNeuro Immunology (PNI).

It turns out that our body has not genetically adapted to our current way of life. In our development, we have faced acute stressors such as cold, heat, hunger, thirst, hypoxia and hypercapnia for 200,000 years. It has been scientifically demonstrated that our immune system has an adequate answer to this and not to the chronic stimuli of our time: our current diet, sedentary existence and stress. These chronic stressors ensure that our immune system remains activated all the time, so that a low-grade inflammatory response is continuously present, resulting in many modern-day health complaints. However, our old stressors make it possible to respond directly to changing circumstances, they make us flexible.

“It is not the strongest or smartest individuals who survive and are fit, but the individuals who can best adapt to circumstances and environment! In order to survive, our species had to make the most of its ingenuity and stamina. In our struggle with unpredictable nature, we evolved from strong monkeys to smart people” said Dr. Leo Pruimboom.

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Intermittent Living® Programs:

Goal: restore resilience and fitness, which you will regain control of yourself

We offer 2 to 5 day programs and an online program, according to a scientific concept. The following strategies are used:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Intermittent drinking
  • Short-term cold
  • Short-term heat
  • Hypercapnia
  • Hypoxia
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Relaxation, mindfulness

The programs are given in groups, for which you can register individually, or as a team (colleagues, family members, friends). Due to this set-up it is also very suitable for teambuilding. The online program is an individual program.

The 5 Day programs:

  • Blood pressure, weight, urine and blood values ​​will be determined before and after. Fully PMO worthy for companies
  • Fermentation workshops
  • Learn to prepare healthy and above all tasty meals in a simple way
  • Easily adaptable exercise schedule for daily life
  • Handbook for home use
  • Possibility to continue under professional guidance from a certified Intermittent Living Coach
  • Learn to listen to your own needs again, connecting between head and body in such a way to recover your biorhythm.

In addition to preventive programs, also special programs for: diabetes, obesity, respiratory system, cardiovascular, immune system including autoimmune diseases, neurodegeneration, fibromyalgia, joint complaints, sleep problems, behavior, depression, (top) athletes, smoking cessation. Given in various locations in the Netherlands and abroad. For companies it is also possible on location for a team.

Programs are for your personal health, where you gain knowledge through deep learning. It is not an Intermittent Living Coach training. Acceptance in a group after assessment of the intake form and, if necessary, a 15-minute online conversation (ZOOM).

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Natura Foundation   

The 2 day program

Is to give you an overview and tools so that you can apply in in your daily life.

Online program

In 8 sessions I guide you with all the aspects of Intermittent Living and help you implement them in your personal life to support your health and performance.


In addition to the two programs, workshops of 1 or 2 half days can also be given. A workshop is a shortened version of a 2 day. It provides insight into how and why you should integrate Intermittent living in everyday life at home and on the work floor. It has a high preventive value and strongly reduces absenteeism due to illness.

Workshops are given mainly to companies or other larger organisations.

Individual guidance:

For personal questions regarding the functioning of the method, a session can be booked to determine which process best suits you and in which order: a coaching process or in combination with the Intermittent living concept. The next session(s) can take place face-to-face or online.

Intermittent Living Excersice

Sessions of 5x 1 hour training including a practical experience of the various interventions, such as cold, heat, hypercapnia, hypoxia and intermittent fasting. From September 2020 on Tuesday evening. Group size up to 10 people.

Introduction day Intermittent Living®:

Including mini cooking workshop. For information and registration please fill in the contact form.

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