Partners / Cooperation with

Sometimes it may be necessary that the path to recovery requires broader support, for example stomach complaints: these can be caused by a blockage in your neck, by a mouth or intestinal bacteria, too little stomach acid, too much stomach acid due to eating too little good fats and proteins or due to stress in relation to the vagus nerve. After all, all systems in our body are interconnected and the symptom is never the real cause.

Through good experience and cooperation I can refer to the following practices if necessary. I can also request blood values.

Dr. H. Rodriguez, dentist. Ms. K. El Yandouzi, Dental Hygienist

Dental Diamond
070-4300040 or 070-3696650
The Hague

Helena van Dijk

Praktijk voor Homeopathie en Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde
072 – 589 5563
Bergen, Noord Holland

Joop Stinger

Stinger Chiropractie
085 – 877 0165

Saskia Breinburg

Osteopaat DO-MRO, Osteopathie Veerkracht
075 – 670 8165

Ed Hicks and Anna Beaton

Pure Health Chriropractic
020 – 233 2168

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