One on one

The origins of your complaints

You can only work on a solution to a medical issue if you know what the cause is. That is why in our first meeting we make a timeline of your life experiences and medical complaints. When and how did the symptoms occur? And above all, why did they arise?

During our second consultation, you will receive personal nutrition and lifestyle advice. You can easily apply this advice in your daily life; you can start immediately, and it is easy to keep up with. Think of exercises that you can do during your work, or healthy meals to take with you in your lunch box.

If you need more intensive support, we make a follow-up plan. And with complex complaints, we are happy to prepare a personalized treatment plan for you. We will guide you to your optimal condition, both mentally and physically.

Consultations can be in one of my practices or be online (look also on my blog “online programs”.

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