Our lifestyle advice is based on cPNI, which stands for clinical psycho-neuro-immunology. This is a new scientific discipline in which psychology, sociology, neurology, endocrinology, and immunology come together.

Why do we become ill? This is due to complex interactions between our biological systems, our genes & epigenetics and factors from our environment. cPNI maps out these interactions. This makes it clear which factors make us sick or healthy. This results in guidelines for a healthy lifestyle with the right nutrients and interventions. Based on this we prepare a personal program for you.

Programs for a healthy lifestyle

In all our programs we first explain how the complex interactions in our body affect our health. This way you see how you can improve these processes in your body. For example, through food, exercise, lifestyle improvement or eating frequency.

You can follow an individual program or a group program with us. A group has the benefits that it inspires, stimulates and strengthens. As you can offer each other tips, support during difficult moments and share knowledge. The social aspect of a group program contributes to a positive shared learning experience.

Our programs

Intermitted living

During two sessions in a group, you will learn everything about a healthy lifestyle. You will also learn how to apply this directly in your daily life. We start the first meeting with an empty stomach. You get an explanation about all complex interactions in your body. This is followed by an extensive tasting in which you experience the positive effects of food on your body. Afterward, we will discuss what you can do to apply the acquired knowledge directly in your daily life.

The second session focuses on the exercise part of a healthy lifestyle. Between the two sessions, we keep in touch by email to provide you extra guidance wherever it is needed. We offer special intermitted living programs for team relationships, applicable to work teams, sports teams, family and relatives.


Are you addicted to smoking and would you like to quit this addiction? Then our anti-smoking program is for you! This is an individual program divided into three sessions. With acupuncture, among other things, we reduce your urge to smoke.

Personal coaching program

Do you feel limited in your work or relationships? Do you feel that you could get more out of yourself? That you could be happier than you are now? Do you often feel insecure? You may be hampered by your own beliefs. FlexHealth helps you find the cause of these negative feelings. Through finding and mapping all the causes, we provide you with a personalized solution tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

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