Functional medicine & cPNI

The entire human being, not just the symptoms.

Many people experience physical and mental complaints every day, complaints that won’t simply go away. Traditionally, the symptom is considered and everyone with the same symptom receives the same treatment. This while the symptom is the result of a deeper problem. And that deeper problem is different for everyone. The solution must therefore also be different for everyone.

cPNI approaches the body as a whole. With this holistic approach, we find the cause of your complaints. And if we know the cause, we will come to a solution. FlexHealth offers orthomolecular support, lifestyle analysis, nutrition coaching, acupuncture, physical therapy, exercise & mental coaching, often in combination with each other, for the best results. Not simply your complaint is central, but always you, as a person. cPNI can also be used for its preventative effect, strengthens the effect of your medication and minimizes the side effects on your body.

How we treat your (physical) complaints with cPNI

The symptom is never the real problem. The cause of your persistent complaint often lies in something you do not know yet, otherwise, your complaint would probably have already been resolved. A “minor, innocent” problem from the past can cause major problems or illnesses now or later. So the solution lies in the past and with a search through the past, cPNI makes the difference. At FlexHealth, we look beyond the symptom and explain in detail how an earlier, unresolved (psychological or physical) wound can lead to your ultimate illness.

There is a personal story behind every person and every complaint. That is why we at FlexHealth have no standard advice. Together with you, we understand how and why your complaints arose. This way we discover what the solution is specifically for you. You as an individual are therefore at the center of our approach.

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