Food and health

Nutrition has a major impact on our health. An unhealthy diet is the cause of many diseases. Conversely, fortunately, the same applies: we can use nutrition to prevent illnesses and to recover from illness. Food also helps improve performance in sports, education, and work. If you eat well, you experience less stress, you sleep better, and you become psychically and mentally stronger.

Today we mainly receive food that has been processed to a certain extent. Often processed in such a way that our body no longer recognizes it as food and reacts to it with inflammation. In other words, our body sees our food as a threat to our health and turns on our immune system. As a result, we are becoming more susceptible to chronic diseases.

And that while good nutrition can have an anti-inflammatory effect. But what is a good diet? What do you need to eat to stay healthy? That is very personal. For example, what kind of work do you do? How much do you exercise? Have you just been sick? Are you pregnant or do you want to become pregnant? Just a few conditions that influence the diet that you need. We are happy to find out for you which food will help you achieve a healthy and happy life.

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