Let me introduce myself

I am Marijke Engelbrecht. (1960), married and proud mother of 2 beautiful adult sons. Next to my work, my hobbies are: cooking for and with others, walking, cycling, running and yoga. I can be found in the mountains during most of holidays, as nature and mountains have an enormous appeal to me. 

In my daily life ………

I work in my own practice as a kPNI therapist, coach, acupuncturist and physiotherapist. Since I believe in the power of prevention, I founded FlexHealth, a corporate health consultancy that focuses on preventive care. You pass on health, that is my mission for the coming years.

Other say about me ………

That I am a passionate professional, have a good listening ear without judging, empathetic, and practice what you preach

My passion for Intermittent Living …….

It can be used both therapeutically and preventively. With this I give people tools for self-care.

And that brings me ………

Summer 2019 I was able to experience what Intermitted Living brought me together with my kPNI knowledge: a very strong condition, great freedom and happiness. I feel enriched with every physical and mental challenge!

Would you also like to experience what Intermittent Living and my kPNI knowledge can do for you? Join one of my Intermittent Living weeks.

Intermittent Living®© concept developed by Dr Leo Pruimboom, kPNI Europe.