Corporate Health

Healthy employees for a healthy company

Sustainability and innovation: current focus points for our society, environment, and businesses. And not to forget for your employees. Because they too have to last longer today. It is therefore essential to deal with ourselves and each other in a socially sustainable manner, only then can you achieve a sustainable business. Innovative approaches in medical science contribute to this idea, offering us important building blocks for our psychological and physical health.

Your company depends on the people who work there. Invest in their health and everyone benefits. Healthy employees for a healthy company. That is what FlexHealth is all about.

Our programs are focused on stress management, fitness, and exercise, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration. What do you get out of it?

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced absenteeism, so fewer costs
  • More creativity, so more opportunities
  • Better concentration and memory, meaning greater learning capacity
  • Greater employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Better overall performance
  • Better bond with and between your people
  • Better communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers.

Our approach

Absence costs companies a lot of money and energy. How do you help prevent your people from getting sick? How do your people stay fit and healthy? FlexHealth supports you in this.

Our approach is based on cPNI-E-S. This method brings together five medical sciences. And together they deliver more than the sum of their separate parts. For example, organs are more than the sum of their tissues and a human is more than the sum of their organs. Biology has a nice word for that: emergence. At every higher level of the system, features are added that can only be explained by complex interactions at the levels below. The basic thought behind this approach is that an active and successful life starts with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

cPNI-E-S brings psychology, sociology, neurology, immunology, endocrinology, and evolutionary biology together. This creates a biographical film of the entire person and his health issues. And not just an image of a symptom without context. We can then place causes and symptoms in a logical time sequence. And with that, we can work towards a solution in a focused way.

We achieve great results with this approach; active and healthy employees are more flexible, more creative, think more with you and thus increase the productivity of the company. This saves you time and reduces absenteeism because your employees are in a healthier balance.

FlexHealth guides your employees individually or in a team, with thorough knowledge. We also help you to comply with the duty of care in the event of absence due to long-term and chronic illnesses. For any inquiries as to how we can help your company, give us a call! We are happy to investigate with you where there are opportunities for improvement in employee health. So that your company is successful with health and vital employees!

Tailor-made program

Are you curious about how you ensure long-term fit, energetic and healthy employees in your company? How you can increase the productivity of your company through this approach? Then we are happy to sit down with you to determine together where the opportunities for improvement lie. With a tailor-made program, we lay a sustainable foundation for an energetic organization.

Want to know more about our approach?

Then contact us or leave a callback request.