About Marijke

The main person behind FlexHealth is Marijke Engelbrecht. Marijke is a scientifically trained psycho- neuro- immunologist with over 30 years of experience in integral healthcare. She combines this broad knowledge with her coaching qualifications. This gives her the ability to quickly analyze the physical and psychological causes of personal challenges. Based on which she creates a personalized approach to reach real results for her patients. Highcare preventive and therapeutic medicine.


Marijke graduates in 1986 from the Dutch Academy for Physiotherapy. This was only the beginning of her professional education as Marijke prides herself on continuously pursuing new degrees. As such she always has the latest medical knowledge on hand and can integrate different medical disciplines into one approach. Realizing that such an integrated approach can only strengthen healthcare she started her own practice as early as 1988, specializing in physiotherapy, acupuncture and sensory-motor therapy for children.   

Marijke Engelbrecht

Eventually, she expands her practice into Centrum Engelbrecht, into which she integrates integral manual therapy, BICOM bio-resonance, orthomolecular healthcare, nutritional advice, cPNI and Intermittent Living advices. As of 2019, she adds a new business to here healthcare enterprise, namely Flexhealth, a corporate health consultancy. FlexHealth was created to support companies in keeping their employees healthy through clinical Psycho- Neuro- Immunology and as such create a more effective business.

Given her track record, it is not surprising that Marijke realized her mission at a young age: to pass on good health, by providing people with their own preventative tools and means of recovery. Luckily science developed itself in parallel to her mission. After obtaining her scientific degree in clinical Psycho- Neuro Immunology she is now able to incorporate her broad knowledge into a truly holistic approach to medicine, enabling her to achieve her mission.

As such Marijke prides herself in making healthcare, both physical and mental, accessible for everybody. The wide range of issues that you might seek Marijke out for include, but are not limited to: digestive issues, IBS, allergies, intolerances, skin problems, hormonal disbalances, thyroid- and adrenal gland issues, pain-, joint-, behavioral-, depression-, auto-immune- and stress-related illnesses. Furthermore, she offers extensive support for patients with cancer.     

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