About FlexHealth

FlexHealth is a corporate health consultancy that focuses on the psychological and physical health of employees within companies. In this we have a unique dual focus: on the one hand, we offer a program for high performing professionals, such as employees in management positions and people who are under considerable pressure to achieve consistently high targets. On the other hand, we also offer a program for the general health of the employees. We co-create this process together with our clients so that we can offer the most applicable solution. With this dual approach, we ensure that we create a fully health-conscious organization.


Our goal is to achieve a better work-life balance for the corporate workplace. We do this through preventive and therapeutic care, anchored in the scientific field of kPNI-E-S. After all, an active and successful life starts with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Our method – kPNI-E-S

It is a mouthful, but that is because it integrates five existing medical sciences into one holistic approach. This approach falls under the name Functional Medicine – lifestyle medicine applicable in daily life – based on the idea that an active and successful life starts with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

The approach taken by kPNI-E-S to achieve this dual health is unique in that, as a practical, integrative science, it is more than the sum of its underlying specializations. Biology has a nice word for that: emergence. At every higher level of the system, features are added that can only be explained by complex interactions at the levels below. For example, organs are more than the sum of their tissues and a human is more than the sum of their organs. kPNI-E-S, therefore, brings together psychology, sociology, neurology, immunology, endocrinology and evolutionary biology. In this, we work with meta-models that incorporate mechanisms of action as a structuring principle. These models enable us to place causes and symptoms in a logical time sequence. In this way, a biographical film of the entire person and his symptoms is created, instead of an image of just a symptom that is not placed within its proper context.