Mental disorders require a multidisciplinary approach.

The science of PNI. All our systems are interconnected: psychology, neurology, immunology, endocrinology and even sociology. In order to treat a mental disorder, we need to examine the complex way in which these different systems of the human body work together.
Everyone with a mental disorder has personal reasons for their symptoms. It is by looking for the source(s) of the dysfunctional mechanisms that we can arrive at a personalised and effective treatment.
PNI, which is based on scientific research, analyses the symptoms to find out what the state is at a given moment: the photograph, and looks for the sources of these symptoms: the film. An explanation is then given of the interrelationships in the film that lead to the photo, together with advice on how to resolve the cause of the symptoms and regain control of your health.
Personalised medicine is undoubtedly the medicine of the future.

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