Taking control of health after a personalized lifestyle retreat

Health is not the absence of disease, but it is the ability of body and mind to respond alertly and appropriately to changes. Being able to cope well with a stress moment and return to the balance that is right for you through resilience and flexibility.

A stress moment for you can be the presence of a pathogen, wrong food choice, poor digestion, circumstances, an emotion and a thought, as well as the absence of acute stimuli. 

You react to these depending on the strength of your immune system and personality.

These strengths are decreasing due to today’s chronic exposure to stimuli. Everything is expected of us all the time, the news evokes emotions and thoughts, wrong diet and exercise choices. When a person has experienced circumstances such as early life stress, his or her systems have gone into a chronic “alertness” state, preventing adequate recovery and functioning.

The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol have activated the immune system resulting in insulin resistance, causing low-grade inflammation. From this, a range of complaints and illnesses can arise, physically and/or mentally. Your well-being is thus undermined.

More and more studies show that exposing yourself again to former old acute stimuli that are familiar to the body gives the body, the mind and brain its flexibility back.  When do we still experience these stimuli? There is constant presence of food, drinks, constant temperature and being busy. 

For better physical, mental and emotional health, it is important to:

  • Somehow step out of your comfort zone through exercise, cold, heat, fasting, breathing techniques, cognitive stimulation and mindfulness.
  • Eating real food with lots of flavour, fresh and unprocessed, healthy and tasty, so absolutely no deprivation. 
  • Be able to experience gratitude and connection.

Through behavioral change, clear your stressor(s) for flexibility. Because being flexible means health, freedom, decisiveness, creativity, being in connection and therefore real happiness.

Since the impetus to change is difficult for a person, I am organising a 5-day retreat, in which we include all aspects for your recovery or prevention. Fully tailored to your personal situation, whether you are striving to improve your performance or want to get rid of a chronic illness or complaints. 

Intermittent Living days are based on cPNI science = complete medicine. More information see all about Intermittent Living and cPNI on this site.

I invite you to get the best detox for your complains or chronic disease.

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