Pain, inflammation and cancer susceptibility

You have to help people get rid of their chronic pain, because pain itself is a risk factor for disease.

Why do people have chronic pain and/or are chronically tired and why does that lead to illnesses?

Physiologically, every illness and injury should be self-limiting. That means resolved within 148 hours. When the immune system is too weak and too slow due to lifestyle, early life stress, toxic emotions and toxic thoughts related insulin and leptin resistance, you keep a low-grade inflammation. The checkpoint and stoppoint that normally have to be reached within a restore process to complete it, are not reached, so that you eventually get a non-specific overreaction.

In chronic pain 2 processes:

1. It starts with a luxating moment, causing the cytokine (immune cell TNF alpha) to release the pro-inflammatory pathway leading to inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain. The IL6 released during this process ends up on enteroreceptors and causes pain causing substances. IL6 activates TRP-1 and that causes pain.

2. Among the top 5 cancer risk factors: Linoleic acid (LA), the biggest trigger of chronic pain. LA only produces pro-inflammatory pain-inducing substances. Eating linoleic acid-rich foods leads to LA accumulation in the skin, brain and spinal cord. 11 grams a day is already dangerous. Current consumption of the average person is 25 to 45 grams per day. Example chronic pain in Diabetes T2. Therapy insulin. This is an insulinergic process. Hyperinsulinemia causes the LA that we eat to accumulate in the skin, spinal cord and brain, resulting in neurological pain.  In people with fibromyalgia, accumulations in the spinal cord and brain have been found, leading to neuroinflammation. The disturbed LA – Omega 3 ratio also plays a role here, which damages the opioid inhibition of pain.

Also important fact: the use of NSAIDs prevents reaching the check and stop point.

Chronic pain summarized: LA, inflammation that does not end and NSAID’s. The same for chronic fatigue. Address the cause: such as lifestyle, injury/damage, infection, psychological trauma, toxic emotions, toxic thoughts, toxic social relationships, absence of purpose or live, because complaints can go from peripheral to central, and from central to peripheral. It doesn’t matter, both paths lead to most, probably, all diseases. Make sure that checkpoint can be reached, using behaviour, diet and immune system = PNI. Omega 3 and choline from fish help to reach the checkpoint and stop point, but omega 3 without solving the cause of insulin resistance has no chance.

When dealing with the overall picture, the film, you can quickly convert everything to heal.

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