Relation between sleep and blood sugar balance

Did you know that your sleep can affect your blood sugar levels?

It’s true, that blood sugar balance, metabolism and weight are all affected by the quality of your sleep. 

Chronically poor sleep can cause cravings and the desire to overeat.  

Or, lead to relying on sweetened coffee or tea, or sugar-laden energy drinks to handle the exhaustion and energy depletion caused by lack of restorative sleep. 

Improving your sleep can just like healthy nutrition and regular mealtimes be one of your tools to prevent and manage diabetes and so much more.

Unhealthy metabolism is at the root of all health issues.

Contact me if you want more information about the most effective lifestyle changes you can make to achieve better insulin- and leptin sensitivity for optimal blood sugar control. I will help you to implement the newest knowledge about diabetes management and prevention in your daily life. Prediabetes and diabetes T2 is reversible.

A program specially design for prevention, protection and treatment: healthy eating, sleep, exercise, hormone balancing, dental care, vision care, stress relief and management, trauma release, ect….  

We will start by looking for the root cause of your health issues, so that I can personalize the program to your needs and health goals for a fulfilled life. 

You can choose between a few appointments in the clinic or online and a quicker more intensive program, such as the Intermittent Living days in Switzerland.

Ask for it, because health means everything. It is never too late to start.

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