Breathing as one of the key player in your overall health

Everyone is aware of the importance of oxygen, but do you also know the role of CO2 tolerance?

For a good oxygen supply to our cells, we must have an optimal amount of CO2 in our blood. Only with a good balance of CO2 tolerance and CO2 threshold, good aerobic energy production based on oxygen can take place. In our blood, the oxygen molecule is transported by the hemoglobin molecule in the red blood cells and has to be delivered to the mitochondria, our energy makers, which are located in the cells. This process revolves around CO2. In other words, the higher the amounts of CO2, the better the oxygen is delivered to the cells. This process is important for health and vitality.

When the body experiences stress, for example during illness, circumstances or lifestyle, it enters a fight-flight mode. The sympathetic nervous system is than switched on: our autonomic nervous system, the stress axis. This leads to an increased heart rate and an accelerated shallower breathing. This creates a mismatch between respiratory rate and tidal volume and the production of CO2.

Modern life’s physical inactivity coupled with chronic stress affects how the autonomic nervous system regulates our breathing pattern. This means that a majority of people have a chronic form of hyperventilation, shallow and accelerated breathing to a greater or lesser extent.

Studies show that CO2 is not only a waste gas, but it is also crucial for the oxygen supply to our cells. Hyperventilation reduces CO2 and disrupts sensitivity to it, leading to fatigue, poor oxygen absorption, reduced energy production and anxiety.

One of the most important interventions for more energy and/or less anxiety is breathing in which the correct CO2 level is reached, for efficient oxygen uptake in the cells.

Do you have little energy? Are you less able to handle the stresses of life? See if there is chronic stress, history of early life stress, insufficient sleep, disturbance of the circadian rhythm, infections, intestinal problems, poor nutrition, incorrect breathing, lack of daylight, lack of exercise, lack of hormesis …

All these factors can create extremely stress on your body and brain, even on cellular level. You can experience it physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

With Intermittent living tools, breathing optimalisation included, you create more hormesis. You will boost your energy, resilience and decisiveness, so that you can make the necessary changes to use the optimal capacity of your body and brain.

Regain control over your own health. Start with optimal breathing for optimal health. 

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