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After 2 years of lockdowns and covid measures, more and more people are facing mental health issues. Research highlights shockingly increasing numbers of depression under our younger generation that have been impacted by restrictions in freedom during the past two years. We call this group generation C. In the months and years to come we expect these numbers to go up even further. Especially the limited social contacts, a feeling of insecurity about the future, and everything that changed so suddenly was the limit for a lot of people. 

While making the documentary Generation C the need of people with mental health struggles became clear. As coach, student and part of this younger generation I feel an urge to contribute to a happier world. When Marijke and I crossed paths we had an instant idea to work together on this quest and combine our expertises. It didn’t take long before we started ReStartYou. We will host our first retreat upcoming june! 

Together we have created an interactive program with the purpose of helping people give their life a meaningful twist. ReStartYou is about giving your life a restart and reset; physically, mentally and emotionally. Together we overcome challenges and make steps again towards a positive future. We will expose the body to different impulses to restore its natural vitality and immunity. We expose the brain to a new environment, away from work, drama and unhealthy aspects of modern life. We will limit time on the phone and be outside doing activities as much as possible. In these 5 days you will experience the natural flow of life, empowering you to become your best version as a base for years to come. We will focus on shaping healthy consumption and thinking habits as well as strengthening your connection to nature and your community. Together with a group of re-starters you will personally work on creating a fit, vital, happy and resilient life as base for physical and mental wellbeing.

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