Well-being for every student

Around us and on the news we regularly hear reports about stress from study choices, dropping out of studies and symptoms like fatigue and depression due to overstraining. Both in high schools and in higher education. This worries us, and you?

That is why we started this cooperation. We want/aim to support students maintaining a high wellbeing both mentally and physically. We offer different options to improve both. How and what? You can read that below. 

Improving mental wellbeing: life-coaching by Hanna Knotnerus

Do you recognize things below in your students?

  • They feel a need to strive for perfection and overstrain themselves
  • They lack (intrinsic) motivation
  • They are tired at the end of their schooldays and don’t look forward to tomorrow

They are not the only ones! And it can be different.

My three pillars:

  • Growth: improved quality of school or study results by learning to ask for feedback and help and seizing opportunities
  • Direction: clear priorities, higher self-esteem, clear direction and making it possible
  • Energy: feeling energetic and joy again from intrinsic motivation with the right tools

Practically, a coaching program entails: 

  • 7 weeks: 6 to 8 weekly 1-on-1 sessions of 1,5 hours
  • And a phonecall once a week
  • Homework to implement tools and work on goals


As a coach I aim for increasing my client’s success and growth in different subjects (focus, stress, motivation, projects, self-confidence). Being a student myself (medicine), gives me a close understanding of the experience and perspective of students. 

My goal is that my client’s performance improves during the coaching process and that the client can keep improving it independently afterwards. My clients gain insight into what is holding them back, they set a goal they want to achieve and I give them different tools to be more successful along the way. Focus, clarity and responsibility are central values. From there we look at challenges and how they can approach them differently for better results. For more information: hannaknotnerus.nl (website in Dutch).

Improving physical wellbeing: cPNI coaching by Marijke Engelbrecht

PNI stands for Psycho-Immuno-Neurology. The systems that work together to ensure that you are healthy and can function properly. We now know how important a well-functioning intestinal system is. After all, that is where the special fatty acids and the precursors of all hormones that the brain needs are made, provided that the right building blocks are delivered in our diet. I would like to tell you more about nutrition and exercise, the basic ingredients for health, flexibility, performance and happiness. 

This program exists of 3 sessions: 

  • 1 hour session to inventorize your lifestyle and health and from there to give you advice, including inspiration for easy recipes and physical activity to be implemented. I provide you with knowledge and insights.
  • 2 follow-up sessions of ½ hour, once every 4 weeks. This way you will be guided for 2 months to get fit, be fit, stay fit.


I am a certified physiotherapist, but I thought that was too symptom focused. From my vocation to want to help people with their individual health, I have continued to search for knowledge that answers the why-question. kPNI tackles the cause of complaints, because the symptom is never the real problem. PNI is known in America as Functional Medicine. For more background and CV: https://flexhealth.eu/ (website in Dutch and English)

What do we offer?

We offer both life coaching (mental) and neuro-immune coaching (physical) as individual programs and as a package deal. For both types of programs there is a free intake interview of 30 minutes. After this, the route can still be waived. 

All our programs are individual.

We have a pilot price for the first 5 customers in 2022. After that, the normal rates apply.

 Normal priceone programNormal price packagePilot price one programPilot pricepackage
Life-coaching program 6-8 sessies ±1,5u€ 750€ 650€ 650€ 550
Neuro-immunoprogram€ 300€ 250€ 250€ 225

How can you reach us?

Via e-mail: 

Via LinkedIn: Hanna Knotnerus and Marijke Engelbrecht. 


  • Hanna: 0615580079
  • Marijke: 0642146821

On to a beautiful and healthy future for all pupils and students!

Hanna Knotnerus and Marijke Engelbrecht

Want to know more about our approach?

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