Number 1:

Do you want to regain control of your own health?

Know that the smallest change makes the biggest difference. The solution lies in the change.

Whether you are at the office or working from home, how long do you sit during the day?

When we sit for more than an hour, our organs get fat. And that is dangerous fat, inflammatory fat, invisible to the eye. By regularly doing a 4-minute sitting-break exercise, where you make sure your heart rate goes up slightly, you convert that fat into energy. This way reach two goals at the same time: you remain productive and you take care of your health.

So simple? Yes, but you have to do it. Set a timer, get something to drink on another floor via the stairs, working in an “office garden” encourage your colleagues to participate and let everyone take turns devising an exercise, alternate sitting with a standing desk, go on a lunch break and take a walk outside.

Number 2:

Why is exercise and having sufficient muscle mass so important?

– It improves insulin sensitivity, so that all cells in the body need less of it. Less insulin means less fat storage.

– It reduces stress by lowering cortisol.

– It improves mental health, such as memory, learning ability, concentration, emotions and stress level in body and mind. Exercise is the best anti-depressant.

– It reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

– It promotes the detoxification process. The muscle contractions create a pumping effect that activates the lymphatic system.

– The muscular system plays a role in your resistance, it contains immune cells that help you recover when you are sick. To maintain this function, it is important that you also rebuild muscles after a period of illness.

– Muscles are rich in mitochondria, our energy suppliers. The more muscle mass you have, the more mitochondria you have.

– Muscle strength exercises prevent osteoporosis due to the tensile strength of the bones.

– Which movement forms, I will tell you my next post, week 10.