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Free introductory consultation

Do you suffer from chronic complaints such as fatigue, intestinal complaints, concentration difficulties, headaches, sleeping problems or joint pains?

Are you the athlete with a short concentration arch, injury sensitivity or an insufficient condition?

Do regular treatments offer unsatisfactory results? Maybe you will benefit from cPNI. I have already seen so many special improvements with my clients and I wish them for everyone. That is why I will give free introductory consultations in my practice in Amsterdam or online on Wednesday 17 and Saturday 20 November. You are cordially invited to request an appointment on one of these days.

cPNI stands for clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology, a complicated name for a wide view of complex health issues of our modern time. It is also known as Functional Medicine. You are not sick from one day to the other, the complaints that you have are as a picture, but behind this picture is a whole movie of the emergence of those complaints.

As a cPNI therapist I have knowledge of psychology, neurology, immunology and endocrinology. But also of evolutionary biology, nutrition and movement sciences. Due to this wide and integrative approach, cPNI treatment is different for every person and usually reduce complaints after the first treatments. A selection from the results: less pain, better bowel movements, deeper sleep, more energy and easier performance during the day.

During the introductory consultation of half an hour we are investigating whether the cPNI method can do something for you. I listen to your story and will tell you which complicated systems are involved with your complaints. cPNI is an evidence-based medicine, that is getting his implementation. So make an appointment if you want to know more, I will be happy to inform you.

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