Online programs

As a result of the recurring question whether I do not want to share my knowledge via Webinars, I started developing a number of programs. I don’t believe in “one solution fits all” within health, because every person is unique with his or her personal wishes or complaints, or condition. As a result, I have not made Webinars for several people at the same time, but individual sessions in which I personally guide you online with attention.

You can register for the following online programs:

  • Nutrition: a personal plan in which I guide you in 1 month to the right diet for you for more energy and the right body weight.
  • 5 week program: Intermittent Living training.
  • 5 sessions: lifestyle as medicine, preventive, protective and curative
  • 6 sessions: for premenopause and menopause complaints.
  • 6 sessions: reversible pre-diabetes complaints.
  • 6 sessions: type 2 diabetes and lifestyle.
  • 6 sessions: cholesterol and lifestyle.
  • 6 sessions: high blood pressure and lifestyle.
  • 6 sessions: brain. If you suffer from mood swings, memory, concentration or sleep problems, this series is suitable for you adapted to your complaint.
  • 5 sessions: intestinal complaints.
  • 6 sessions: thyroid diseases.
  • 6 sessions: stress and inflammation.
  • Special support for Covid-19 infection or ex Covid-19 complains.

The advice you receive during a session will also be sent to you by e-mail, so you a handout and get started. We adjust the tempo of the series of sessions as you wish.

1 session includes: 20 minutes, face-to-face, plus developing advice and sending it by email.

If the complaints for which you want to be counseled online do not appear in the above list, I will create a completely personal program for you. Feel free to ask.

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