Lifestyle: the power of your choices

Your choices determine your health span and your performance during your life span.

We are having the ability to really reverse chronic illnesses and slow down auto-immune processes about 80%. If we understand, how important it is, what we feed our body to not create the triggers and not create these leaky gut situation, you can safeguard yourself for all kinds of diseases. Once you are diagnosed with one auto immune disease, the change of getting another is 10 times more. We need to step back and think about what I am putting in my body: is it a friend or a foe? We can see, when we deal with health and wellness, that it is not just 1 thing, it is multifactorial, every organ system has to communicate. Every organ system needs to be healed from the inside, because your body has the ability to heal itself, but we have to support it with the nutrients to make that happen.

The nutrients are: the right food, exercise, sleep quality, breathing, stress management, connections, exposure to warm, cold and nature. 

Don’t wait for the symptoms to occur. Everyone should detoxify their body, everyone should nutrify their body, everyone should fortify their body and everyone should have a positive mindset, because when we are dealing with health wellness, again it is not just one thing, it is multifactorial. Your symptoms not show up overnight, something was damaged at cellular level to start out with, so again make sure that you take the propriate actions, so you can protect your body from all the factors that is affecting it. You have to take control, because the only way for us to really impact the healthcare system is to change our mindset. Traditional medicine is reactive medicine, you have a symptom and here is a pill and the symptoms will go away. But what happens with the root cause? And when your body get adapt to the drug, then what? Proactive medicine means : Let’s be proactive about it, give your body the nutrients so that you don’t need or need less medication. It heals itself! So having your balance of your entire system is really important, specially when you are aware that we have the epigenetics and nutrogenetics knowledge, that is able to go in there and give you the complete control over your own gene expression. That is breakthrough medicine.  

We know now that gut health is major important to prevent all kind of diseases. And not only gut health, but also gum health and the whole GI-trac. What effect one part of the body effects them all. It would be wrong to focus therapy on one small part. 

So, if you have health issues or if you want to prevent them, go to see a therapist in functional medicine. In the Netherlands go to a cPNI therapist and Intermittent Living coach, having the skills to help you with the root cause and where you needs are: psychology, neurology, immunology, endocrinology, nutrition, exercise and the implementation of a healthy lifestyle in your daily life. Get or keep the power over your health with an holistic approach.

Get fit, be fit, stay fit.

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